Believing in Children. Changing Lives.

Believing in Children. Changing Lives.

Teach First Israel (TFI) is an educational and social leadership program working to ensure that every child in Israel has access to high-quality education that will enable them to choose their own future, whatever their socioeconomic background

Registration has ended. Registration for the next cohort will open in November.

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All any child needs is a teacher who won’t write them off, insists they come to class, teaches them to learn and to be consistent, and most of all, believes that they can succeed. Studies show that the likelihood that children will be able to gain an academic education and choose their own future increases dramatically when they have an adult in their lives who believes in them and in their abilities.
Teach First Israel aims to identify the most suitable candidates, train them for this task, and place them where they will best be able to lead change and have an impact—in the classroom.

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