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Circles of Impact

Teach First Israel’s theory of change is based on creating a chain of leadership that begins in the school and stretches to the country’s decision-making nerve centers. The goal of this strategy is to create partnerships with schools over the next five years in order to develop a new generation of teachers and leaders who will promote equal opportunities in education. We believe in our ability to make a difference and alter the existing realities, and we understand that this change begins with a single child.

The model we have developed is based on a bottom-up approach, in which impact is rooted in the relations of trust that are built between the teacher and the individual student, and from there it ripples out to affect the class, the entire school, and the surrounding community. Focusing on the needs of the individual student allows us to be proactive and to get other teachers in the school involved, as well as parents, the school management, and other organizations and figures in the community. This strengthens our circles of impact, creating a continuing circular effect that only grows more powerful as more and more TFIers become active in each community.


The Challenge

Worrying trends of growing inequality in education are evident in Israel. In fact, the most recent PISA results (from 2015) indicate that the educational gaps in Israel—between the country’s highest and lowest achieving students, between those from the strongest and weakest socioeconomic backgrounds, and between Arabs and Jews—are among the largest in the world, and absolutely the largest in the OECD.

What Can Be Done?

Develop teachers and leaders. Comparative studies show that one of the most significant factors in student success is who their teachers are. This is why we view teaching as leadership. Today, after nine years of extensive activity throughout Israel, and following the success of similar programs in other countries, we can say for certain that a single good teacher can fundamentally change the life pathways of tens of students.

However, while education frameworks do indeed recognize the direct impact of teaching on student success, too few talented and outstanding young people choose to enter teaching. Therefore, at TFI we are training a unique community of groundbreaking teachers to be placed in schools throughout Israel.

Systemic and Community-Wide Change

TFI’s theory of change is based on creating a chain of leadership that begins in the school and stretches to the country’s decision-making nerve centers. The goal of this strategy is to have an impact on around 200 schools over the next five years, by bringing in young and highly motivated teachers; raising the expectations of students from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds at a system-wide level; increasing public awareness of the importance of equal opportunity in education for Israel’s national resilience; and more. We believe that change in equal opportunities in education in Israel will come only if we work together as a community.

In order to achieve real change, we have to make it together.

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